Man boobs: Are you tired of being conscious about your man boobs? What does Gynecomastia mean? Do you want to put an end to embarrassment every time people stare at your enlarged chest? Read more to see all the answers to these questions.

Let’s Get To The Bottom of Causing man boobs

In situations with gynecomastia, the treatment of the underlying condition (such as an imbalance in hormones or the harmful impact of a medicine) may result in a reduction in the amount of breast tissue that is present.

Modifications to one’s lifestyle: If the gynecomastia is caused by an excessive amount of body fat, then reducing the amount of breast tissue may be achieved by making adjustments to one’s eating habits and exercise routine.

It may be necessary for some to have surgery in order to have excess breast tissue removed. In most cases, this is only recommended for patients whose gynecomastia is particularly severe and has not reacted well to therapies that are considered to be more conservative.

What does Gynecomastia mean?

A condition known as gynecomastia or man boobs, occurs when male or pubertal-aged males develop abnormal breast growth. Breast size increases. The majority of the time, they expand in an asymmetrical pattern. Changes in both female (estrogen) and male (androgen) hormone levels have a role in its development and progression (testosterone).The treatment for gynecomastia is determined on the cause and severity of the disorder. The following are some potential options to pursue in terms of therapy:

Do you want to put an end to embarrassment every time people stare at your enlarged chest?

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